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Essential Oils Oracle Cards


The soul of a plant is revealed in its fragrance

Whether it is the wise, protective soul of ginger, capable of rekindling the fire of life. Or the dark and mysterious soul of black pepper. Which can rebalance inner wounds. These 40 wisdom cards are full of the deeply emotional and spiritually healing power of plants. Insightful information on the healing ability. Along with application advice and positive affirmations. Make Essential Oils Oracle Cards the perfect companion for anyone seeking to understand the entities behind the beautiful scents and accept the gift of their healing power.

With this 40-card oracle deck, Dennis Moeck and Ulrike Annyma Kern present a hands-on way to intuitively select essential oils for healing or connecting to a plant’s spirit. Aromatherapist Moeck provides wisdom-filled messages and healing guidance from the plant spirits. While Kern’s delicate illustrations let the souls of these healing plants and herbs speak. Conveying the love and energy of the natural realms