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Evil Eye Crystal and Card Holder


Evil Eye Crystal and Card Holder – Your Spiritual Guard

Product Overview

Welcome to a realm of protection and mindfulness with our “Evil Eye Crystal and Card Holder.” This essential spiritual accessory, spanning 9.5×3.4×0.6 inches, invites you to place crystals, candles, or cards within the watchful embrace of the evil eye.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: Spanning 9.5×3.4×0.6 inches, this holder fits comfortably in any sacred space.
  • Material: We’ve chosen high-quality wood for its natural energy and durability, and have adorned it with a laser-etched evil eye, surrounded by the phases of the moon.
  • Design: This piece unites the protective symbol of the evil eye with the moon’s cyclical power, energizing and guarding your spiritual practice.

Multifunctional and Symbolic

This holder doesn’t just look striking; it also works hard. It boasts two circular recesses perfect for holding crystals or candles, and a central groove that keeps tarot cards or artworks in place. The evil eye design vigilantly wards off negative energy, enhancing your spiritual tools with its protective aura.

Candle Safety and Crystal Harmony

Furthermore, when using candles, stay watchful. Ensure you place the holder away from anything flammable, never leave a lit candle unattended, and snuff out the flame after use. These steps will help preserve the peaceful atmosphere you cherish, with safety as a priority.

Amplify Your Rituals

Moreover, this holder becomes a focal point in any meditation area, altar, or reading space. It’s perfect for tarot readers and crystal lovers, or anyone wishing to infuse their practice with the evil eye’s protective energies.

A Thoughtful, Protective Gift

Additionally, consider this holder as a heartfelt gift for friends or family. It shows your care for their spiritual health and their environment’s balance.

Simple Maintenance

Lastly, to care for this wooden holder, just wipe it with a soft cloth. If you use it with candles, clean any wax off promptly, keeping the designs clear and the wood looking fresh.

Choose our “Evil Eye Crystal and Card Holder” to safeguard and elevate the energies of your sacred environment.