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Green Aventurine Scalp Massager


Use our Green Aventurine Scalp Massager to stimulate the scalp and enjoy the wonderful feeling of a head massage. Using the crystal scalp massager on a regular basis will improve hair growth and overall health.

To use, start with applying for favorite hair oil , or scalp treatment. Once applied, with a firm grip, gently apply pressure with the Green Aventurine Scalp Massager , starting from near the face moving toward the neck. Continue this motion until you have completed the entire surface , you can repeat as desired.

These Green Aventurine crystals are perfect for those with intentions of prosperity and perseverance. Green aventurine welcomes in great abundance to all areas of life and promotes great success when hard work is done. This green crystal is a stone of happiness and strength This stone works closely with the Heart Chakra, bringing in love, light and positivity. In fact, this stone is great for building intimate relationships as it promotes compassion, empathy and alleviates irritation.

Please Note : you will not receive the exact crystals shown.