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Guardian Angel Oracle



Your Guardian Angel chose to be with you at your time of conception. Together, you will acquire new knowledge and experience triumphs, journeys, and challenges. Guardian Angel Oracle by Australian Psychic of the Year Debbie Malone comprises a beautiful collection of 36 angels to help guide you through different challenges and situations in your life. Be patient and open to the guidance given to you from above Feel safe in the knowledge that your guardian angel always has your best interests at heart Believe! With daily challenges facing all of us, the guardian angels in the cards will call out to you for assistance on everyday tasks. Let the angels of balance, belief, clarity, comfort, and many others lift you on their shoulders and help ease your troubles. The accompanying booklet takes you through the meaning behind each card, and how to work best with your guardian angels.

Product Specifications

  • 36 gilded cards
  • 88-page companion guidebook.
  • Box Size: 5 in x 3.5 in.