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Healing Candle


Healing Candle : Your Sanctuary of Restoration

Discover serenity and wellness with our Healing Candle, delicately infused with Reiki energy. Light the wick to fill your space with a harmonious blend of essential oils, meticulously designed to restore body, mind, and soul.

Essential Oil Aromas

  • Cedar: For grounding
  • Ocean: For renewal
  • Lemon Balm: For comfort
  • Heather: For balance


Handmade with love in New England, USA, our Healing Candle is not just a candle; it’s a vessel of Reiki healing energy. Comprising top-quality paraffin wax and a natural, metal-free wick, each candle promises a pure and lasting burn.

Charge Your Candle: A Ritual of Healing

  • Find Your Sacred Space: Sit in a quiet, meaningful spot.
  • Channel Universal Light: Surround yourself with the healing white light.
  • Connect with the Candle: Hold the unlit candle and absorb its energy.
  • Affirm Your Needs: Direct this powerful energy where you need healing the most.
  • Light and Recite: Ignite the candle and say the healing affirmation: “I feel the healing powers of the white light and am drawn closer. I am healed and restored to wholeness.”

Healing Affirmation

I feel the healing powers of the white light and am drawn closer. I am healed and restored to wholeness.


  • Approximate Burning Time: 25 to 30 hours (keep wick trimmed to 1/4 inch)
  • Height: Approximately 7″
  • Origin: New England, USA
  • Infused with Reiki: Yes

Spiritual Heritage

Rooted in the ancient traditions of New England, this candle serves as a modern-day totem of holistic wellness, each infused with Reiki energy to amplify your healing journey.

Enhance the Ritual

For an even more profound healing experience, pair this candle with our Peace Candle. Together, they create a symbiotic environment that expands the healing energy beyond the individual to Mother Earth and all her inhabitants.