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Healing Hands Multi Card Holder


Healing Hands Multi Card Holder: A Canvas for Clarity

Elevate your tarot sessions with our Healing Hands Multi Card Holder, now presented in a majestic black finish. At 76.2mm wide, 254mm long, and 5mm thick, with a slot spanning 220x2mm, this holder transforms any reading into a display of mystical storytelling.

Designed for the Contemporary Tarot Reader

Our Multi Card Holder captivates with its deep black hue and contrasting golden motifs. Healing hands intertwined with celestial elements symbolize guidance and connectivity. This design choice resonates with tarot practitioners who seek tools that are both functional and infused with meaning.

Generous Space for In-depth Readings

This holder’s spacious design allows for an expansive tarot spread. It can accommodate larger cards, offering clear visibility for every card’s imagery and symbols. The ample slot ensures that multiple cards can be displayed in unison, inviting a comprehensive understanding of the narrative at play.

Features to Deepen Your Practice

  • Striking Contrast: The black background with gold details creates a visually compelling stage for your cards.
  • Solid Craftsmanship: With its robust build, this holder ensures stability and longevity for daily use.
  • Intuitive Display: Organize your cards with ease, thanks to the wide slot that supports various reading styles.

Mindfully Constructed for Meaningful Sessions

Every detail in the Healing Hands Multi Card Holder is intentional, from the symbolic engravings to the quality materials used. It is not just a holder; it’s an extension of your tarot practice, a tool that brings both grounding and inspiration.

Product Specifications

  • Material: High-quality construction, matte black finish, golden design accents.
  • Dimensions: A width of 76.2mm, length of 254mm, and thickness of 5mm.
  • Card Slot: A spacious 220x2mm slot to accommodate multiple cards.

The Essential Tarot Accessory

The Healing Hands Multi Card Holder is more than an accessory—it’s an essential part of the tarot ritual. It’s a statement piece that not only holds your cards but also speaks of your dedication to the art of tarot. Let this holder be the sacred space where insights unfold and wisdom emerges.