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Hem Forest Incense


Hem Forest Incense sticks come in a beautiful hexagonal box containing a package of 20 sticks, which are approximately 20 grams per box. Hem is a  traditional incense producer that creates high-quality incense and distributes worldwide. These incense sticks are handcrafted using natural materials such as woods, resins, flowers and essential oils. The Hem Forest Incense sticks will cleanse any dense, heavy energy from the environment, replacing it with purified energy, bring balance to the chakras and mind. Typically, incense sticks are used during prayer and meditation to awaken spiritual mindfulness, enhance consciousness, and balance the mind, body and soul.

Hem Forest Incense will add a sense of grounded spiritual connectedness to your sacred space, raising the vibration of the atmosphere and removing harmful energy. In fact, using incense sticks regularly will ensure proper energy levels are maintained. This means, you will become more emotionally and mentally balanced, your thoughts will become pure, and your environment will feel more tranquil. Regular use of incense will keep your Chakra system aligned and free any of blockages

Benefits of Burning Incense

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Raise spiritual awareness
  • Enhance magical powers
  • increase intuition
  • Remove negative energy
  • Purify the atmosphere
  • Release mental tension

◾Burn Time :30-35 mins

◾9″ long approx.

History Of Incense

The use of Incense and Resins for spiritual use is common worldwide. Historically,  Asia, and particularly, Egypt, China and India. In fact, India is still the largest producer of incense sticks. Accordingly, India has been burning incense as far back as 3300 BC. Ancient China built structures specifically designed for incense use, and most commonly used aromas such as, Cinnamon and Sandalwood.

The Incense Route

The Incense Route was a trade route that extended to over 2000 Km, which  connected the Mediterranean to the Eastern and Southern Parts of the world. Therefore, this route certainly made the exchange of incense , resin , spices , textiles , precious stones much easier