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Howlite Oval Worrystones


Howlite Oval Worry Stones: Your Pocket-Sized Peace

Step into a World of Calm

Discover the cool, marble-like elegance of Howlite in our Oval Worry Stones. Renowned for its serene presence, Howlite offers a tranquil escape from the buzz of everyday life. These smooth, oval stones fit perfectly in the curve of your hand, becoming your personal sanctuary of stillness.

Engage in Mindful Reflection

Keep a Howlite Oval Worry Stone within reach to encourage moments of mindfulness. The motion of thumbing the stone is an age-old exercise that has calmed minds through the generations. It’s a ritual that can align your thoughts with the quiet peace of a still pond.

The Spiritual Gifts of Howlite

Embrace the Howlite stone for its ability to ease the mind and open the doors to wisdom. This stone is praised for its supportive attributes, helping to:

  • Alleviate stress and bring about emotional well-being.
  • Foster clarity, making space for new knowledge to flourish.
  • Encourage patience and a gentle resolution of issues.

Savor a Mini Meditation with Your Worry Stone

  1. Grasp the Stone: Hold the Howlite Oval Worry Stone, noting its smoothness, its cool touch, and the way it naturally rests with you.
  2. Seek Quietude: Let your breathing slow and deepen, imagining each exhale as a wave washing over you, leaving peace in its wake.
  3. Affirmation: Confidently state, “I hold peace in my hand; calmness flows through me with each breath I take.”

Daily Affirmation

“Serene energy is my constant companion; with every touch of my Howlite stone, I embrace tranquility and mental clarity.”

Product Specifications

  • Shape: The oval form symbolizes the seamless journey to inner peace and mental harmony that Howlite facilitates.
  • Size: Crafted to be 1.5″ by 1″, these stones are the ideal companions for stress relief and meditation.
  • Design: Polished to a soft sheen, each stone showcases the unique, natural webbing of Howlite.
  • Material: We select only the finest Howlite, cherished for its ability to calm and its stark beauty.
  • Chakra Association: Targets the Crown Chakra, aligning with spiritual tranquility and clear thinking.
  • Element: Resonates with Air, reflecting Howlite’s aid in clear communication and thoughtful contemplation.