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Howlite Tumbles


Howlite Tumbles carry a tranquil energy that calm the mind by removing excessive thoughts and worry, making these the perfect antidote to fight against insomnia. Additionally, these Howlite tumbles are perfect for those looking to control their anger and frustration by increasing their patience and tolerance levels. Furthermore, these Howlite tumbles deflect negativity, anger and aggression that is directed towards you, which is ideal for people  who want to avoid confrontation. Since Howlite Stones slow down an over active mind , they would be very beneficial for those who experience ADHD symptoms, acting as a perfect fidget tool. Spiritually, Howlite tumbles are connected to your Third Eye , which increases spiritual wisdom and intuition.

How to Use

  • Place these Howlite tumbles under your pillow to ward off insomnia and  ensure a well rested sleep.
  • Keep these stones in your pocket to avoid confrontation and deflect negativity directed towards you.
  • Use as a fidget for ADHD symptoms in order to reduce distractibility
  • Activate these stones with the intention of lowering anger and frustration
  • Activate these stones with the intention of providing  patience and tolerance

Main Healing Properties

  • Activates the Third Eye, as a result increasing intuition, spiritual awareness and higher wisdom
  • Calms the body, soul and particularly the mind
  • Actively protects you against anger or any negativity
  • provides you with patience and understanding
  • Helps calm an over active mind
  • Helps reduce the occurrence of Insomnia

Handmade |Chakra: Third Eye & Crown  | Origin: India


Size :  1/2″- 1″ approx.