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Krsna Book


For literally thousands of years, the Vedic literatures of India have represented a vast treasure house of

knowledge and delight for millions of readers. Unfortunately, many of the most interesting of these ancient Sanskrit texts have remained inaccessible to the modern reader in the West – that in until now.

This book contains an original account of the extraordinary pastimes of Lord Sri Krsna, who appeared on this planet 5,000 years ago. Absorb yourself in its pages and come directly in touch with His marvelous Characteristics and glorious deeds. Join Lord Krsna in a long forgotten time as He enchants all the residents of the magical land of Vrndavana and simultaneously battles a fantastic array of wizards and warriors wholly bent upon His destruction.

Sri Krsna’s pastimes are not only charming, fascinating and highly entertaining but are full of deep philosophical

wisdom and spiritual insight as well. Anyone who takes the time to read this one of a kind book will be impressed by its relevance to contemporary human concerns.

In 1970, in anticipation of the first printing of the book Krsna, His Diner Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada commented

“No other religion has such

a full concept of God. I think our Krsna book will

convince them. Whoever reads it will become

a devotee of Krsna

814 pages