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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bottles

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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bottles: Vessels of Wisdom and Truth

Explore the profound blue depths of our Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bottles from the Zen Collection. These vessels, designed to enhance spiritual connection, encase the wisdom and truth of the regal Lapis Lazuli stones.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Material: Each bottle, made of durable glass and sealed with a cork stopper, is carefully filled by us with vibrant Lapis Lazuli chips, preserving their pure energies
  • Crystal Type: The deep blue and golden specks of Lapis Lazuli aid in truth-seeking and intellectual ability enhancement.
  • Compact Design: These conveniently sized bottles serve as powerful elements, infusing insight and authenticity into your space.

The Essence of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, a wisdom stone, links closely with the Third Eye Chakra. It enhances understanding and insight. Celebrated for divine connections, it suits seekers of truth, especially Sagittarius and Taurus.

Versatile Uses for Your Crystal Bottles

  • Symbol of Honesty: Embrace your truth with this emblem by your side.
  • Inspiring Decor: The regal blue adds sophistication to decor, promoting honesty and reflection.
  • Mental Clarity Aid: Spark intellectual success by placing it near your workspace.
  • Journeying Stone: Travel with this talisman to discover and protect yourself.
  • Gift of Enlightenment: Give the gift of inner knowledge and truth to someone special.

Product Specifications

  • Height: At 3.25 inches, these bottles fit well in any space or pocket.
  • Crystal Chip Size: 3-10mm Lapis Lazuli piece to highlight its natural beauty.
  • Material: Our use of superior glass ensures the stone’s elegance remains visible.
  • Capacity: We fill the bottles with plenty of Lapis Lazuli chips for ongoing engagement.
  • Design: The clear glass bottle showcases the noble Lapis Lazuli, adding elegance everywhere.

Choose Our Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bottles

Our Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bottles, beautiful and insightful, hold the spirit of sincerity and cosmic wisdom. They support your quest for authenticity and understanding.