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Lapis Sun and Moon Necklace


This Lapis Sun and Moon necklace embodies spirituality and inner truth . Lapis Lazuli crystals have been utilized for thousands of years for meditation and various spiritual practices such as divination. The symbolism of the Sun and Moon represent a balance of dark and light, similar to yin and yang. With that being said, this Lapis Sun and Moon Necklace will bring inner balance and serve as a reminder to embrace life up’s and down’s. Wear this Lapis Necklace daily to increase your intuition, and to guide you on your spiritual,  transformational path.

Additionally , Lapis resonates directly with the Throat Chakra. This means, if you struggle with communication , spiritual connections, or looking for your inner truth this is the stone for you. This necklace will release those energy blockages allowing your communication to be clear and understood. While also building your spiritual connection to your higher self

Whether you want to gain inner wisdom, tap into the universe, or just simple add this necklace to your jewelry collection, you will find that this necklace will serve as a daily reminder to always see the balance between light and dark , and to stay on the path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

More on Lapis

Lapis crystals are a very sacred, spiritual stone. Known to be one of the most ancient stones available on the market. Lapis Lazuli is highly priced stone with a rich history, in fact, this stone is mentioned in many historical artifacts. Lapis stones are a must have, if you are wanting to experience a spiritual awakening leading to enlightenment. These crystals expand the Throat and Crown Chakras, deepen the connection with your higher self and spirit guides. Lapis encourages self awareness, self expression and honesty, and in turn, this will bring deep inner peace and wisdom.

How To Use 

  • Use Lapis Lazuli to increase spiritual awareness and awakening either by simply holding the stone or by placing on the Third Eye during meditation. This will unlock spiritual capabilities, and build a bond with your higher self and spirit guides.
  • Keep Lapis crystals in your pocket or bag to open lines of communication
  • Use Lapis tumbles to manifest inner trust ,honest, courage and self expression
  • Wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry to  keep you on your enlightenment journey

Main Healing Properties

  • Expands the Throat & Third Eye
  • Encourages self expression , honesty and speaking the truth
  • Helps attain spiritual enlightenment
  • Wards off spiritual attacks  / negative energy
  • Improves mood by encouraging  contentment  and inner peace