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Lepidolite Tumbles


open and active the Crown Chakra, soothing and comforting the mind and body.

These crystals are considered to be one of the most useful stones to reduce or manage anxiety, depression and even bipolar disorder. This is because Lepidolite has a high amount of Lithium , which is used in prescribed modern medicine to treat issues such as anxiety and bipolar disorder. Lepidolite tumbles are very soothing and can be held during stressful situations. You can even  place a piece of lepidolite in newborns bedroom to help calm them throughout the night.

Product Specifications

  • Origin:  Afghanistan
  • Chakra: Third Eye ,Crown
  • Size: 1″- 1 3/4″ x 1/2″-1″

How to Use

  • Use this stone to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Place stones on chakras to remove energy blockages
  • Use this stone when working with the Crown Chakra to improve mental clarity
  • Place in meditation or yoga room to promote harmony within the space
  • Work with this stone to improve anxiety or depression
  • Hold this stone during meditation to increase focus

Main Healing Properties

  • Activates and heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakra
  • very soothing
  • improves self awareness
  • increase confidence
  • Actively protects against negativity
  • Reduces Stress , increases  inner balance
  • Helps with mental clarity and focus