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Lotus Crystal and Tarot Card Holder


Discover the serene balance of divination and tranquility with our Lotus Crystal and Tarot Card Holder. Elegantly sized at 9.5×3.4×0.6 inches, this multifaceted accessory is designed to showcase your tarot cards while offering a space to charge crystals or hold candles—uniting the mystic with the meditative in one beautiful piece.

Artistic Design Meets Practical Use

At the heart of this holder lies the lotus, a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment, intricately carved to enhance the spiritual experience. It’s crafted not only to hold your tarot cards securely but also to feature crystals that resonate with your readings or to cradle candles that set a calming ambiance.

Ideal for Rituals and Reflection

Whether used for laying out a tarot spread or as an altar centerpiece, this holder’s thoughtful design accommodates both practicality and spiritual symbolism. It’s the perfect platform for those who seek depth and harmony in their spiritual practices.

Safe and Serene

  • Tarot Display: Present your cards with reverence, nestled safely in the central groove of the holder.
  • Crystal Charging: Place crystals on either side to enhance the energy of your readings or to simply bask in their presence.
  • Candlelight Caution: While candles can add a warm glow, we advise keeping them a safe distance from your tarot cards to prevent any fire risk. Always monitor lit candles during your spiritual practices.

Crafted for Quality and Beauty

Made with attention to detail, the holder is as sturdy as it is visually appealing. Its natural wood finish and the symbolic lotus design make it a piece that’s as functional as it is artistic.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Crafted for lasting beauty
  • Dimensions: 9.5×3.4×0.6 inches, perfect for versatility
  • Features: Designed with a tarot card groove and spaces for crystals or candles

Cultivate Peace and Insight

The Lotus Crystal and Tarot Card Holder is a celebration of insight, peace, and the unfolding journey of the spirit. It’s an indispensable addition for those who embrace the peaceful coalescence of tarot and crystal energies or the soft illumination of candlelight.