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Magical Spirit Oracle


Awaken your magic and remember who you really are with the Magical Spirit Oracle. In our messy lives, profound magic awaits discovery. As you unfold your life, you learn the power of your own magic. Embark on a sacred voyage to remember your true self.

It’s okay to get lost and find your way back home repeatedly. Imagine sourcing your power from and deepening your connection with the Divine.

The Magical Spirit Oracle will guide you on a fantastical storytelling journey. You’ll encounter witches, grandmother trees, ancient archetypes, and sparkling portals. Each card offers practical wisdom, rituals, and manifestation practices for your life, along with an affirmation spell to cast upon yourself. Combining spirituality and psyche, we find synergy. Merging the mystical with the realistic lets us grow to the heavens while rooting deeply in the Earth. Through strange alchemy, turn life’s ordinary ingredients into extraordinary life magic.

Remember, the cards are tools, and YOU are the magic.

Product Specifications

  • Box size: 5 in x 3.5 in
  • 44 Card Deck
  • Guidebook Included