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Manifest Your Intentions Set

$39.99 Regular price $46.50

Ignite the power of your intentions with this comprehensive “Manifest Your Intentions Set.” Whether you’re a spiritual novice or an experienced practitioner, this set holds the key to realizing your deepest desires and ambitions.

What Makes This Set Unique?

Gone are the days of scouring various shops to compile the right tools for your manifesting rituals. Our carefully curated set brings together potent elements in spiritual practices, each contributing uniquely to your manifesting journey. Priced at an introductory rate of $39.99—valued at $46.46—this is a deal you don’t want to miss!

Key Benefits

  • Palo Santo (3.5″ long): Banish negativity and purify your space, setting the perfect atmosphere for new manifestations.
  • Sage (4″): Erase mental blockages and negative energies, leaving a clean slate for your intentions.
  • Citrine Root (1″x1″ tumbles): Known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone,’ it’s your go-to for manifesting abundance.
  • Clear Quartz Worry Stone (1.5″x1.5″): Amplify your intentions and bring unparalleled clarity to your manifestation goals.
  • Black Tourmaline (1″x1″ tumbles): Keeps you grounded, offering a stable platform for effective manifestation.
  • Amethyst Chip Bottle: Elevate your spiritual awareness and intuition, further refining your manifesting process.

Product Specifications

  • Palo Santo: 3.5″ long
  • Sage: 4″ long
  • Citrine Root: 1″x1″ tumbles
  • Clear Quartz Worry Stone: 1.5″x1.5″
  • Black Tourmaline: 1″x1″ tumbles
  • Amethyst Chip Bottle: Varies in size
  • Special Introductory Price: $39.99 (valued at $46.46)

Crystal Pairings

Enhance your manifesting intentions by pairing this set with Rose Quartz for love, or Lapis Lazuli for wisdom. The synergistic effects can be incredibly transformative!

Fun Fact

Did you know that the act of setting an intention activates your receptivity? Think of it as tuning your mental radio to the frequency of your dreams.

With this all-in-one set, you’re not just wishing for change—you’re actively bringing it to life. It’s not just a purchase; it’s an investment in your future happiness, success, and well-being.