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Mindful Living


Enliven your daily spiritual practice through these thirty-six cards offering deep wisdom drawn from Ayurveda and yoga philosophy. Each card in the Mindful Living Oracle Deck contains an affirmation to uplift and guide your journey. Slow down and find mindfulness through meditation, prayer mantra and ritual.

Grow your compassion and wisdom using the Mindful Living Oracle Deck

Uncover your greatest capacity for compassion and wisdom through the pages of the Mindful Living Journal. From international author and teacher Katie Rose, comes an immersive, joyful tool to awaken your hidden sage, and nurture a life of meditation and mindfulness.

Practice Journaling

Connection to creativity, self-reflection, and mindfulness are all sparked by the practice of journaling. When you give words to what you are thinking, feeling, and dreaming, you develop a process for self-awareness. Journaling provides an inexpensive and always accessible personal growth tool, which supports a deep dive into the world of understanding yourself. This will allow you to begin manifesting your dreams, and setting clear intentions.

Explore your creative truth through the meditations, prompts, prayers, rituals. Additionally, Spiritual practices found within the pages will help you heal your heart, stir your soul, and awaken a vision to a new way of living. The author, Katie Rose is a yoga and Ayurveda teacher . Katie’s  work, aspires physical and spiritual wellness, in simple straight forward and caring ways.