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Moss Agate Tumbles


Moss Agate Tumbles are highly recommended for those who are looking for inner stability and balance.

These Moss Agate Tumbles stones are connected directly to Mother Earth and make you feel completely rooted and centred. Moss Agate tumbles will heal the Heart Chakra by bringing emotional balance and clarity to the mind. Meditating with this tumble will allow you to find your roots again and be your true inner self. His stone will bring great abundance and satisfaction with the simple things in life. Moss Agate Tumbles represent new beginnings and opportunities.  Moss Agate crystals are a go-to stone for midwives and expecting women. Having these stones present during labour and delivery is a good omen and is used as a natural method of pain relief. This crystal can protect you from environmental pollutants and will be useful for those who work outside frequently.

Product Specifications

  • Origin: India
  • Chakra: Heart
  • Size:S1/2″-3/4″ – 1″

Main Healing Properties

  • Promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and tension
  • Helps reduce addiction to unhealthy habits
  • Helps attain spiritual enlightenment
  • Wards off negative energy
  • Improves mood by encouraging inner peace and harmony

How To Use Moss Agate Tumbles

  • Please keep it in the pocket to deflect negative energy
  • Keep around the house for spiritual reminders
  • Hold or place near Crown Chakra to increase spiritual knowledge
  • Use during meditation to reach higher states of consciousness
  • Work with this stone to empower your higher self
  • Keep stone on the desk to reduce stress and anxiety levels