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Moth Sphere Holder

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Moth Sphere Holder

Elevate your space with our enchanting Moth Sphere Holder. This piece stands as a beacon of transformation, actively inviting the dynamic energies of change into your environment. Perfectly crafted, it holds your spheres securely, symbolizing growth and evolution with every detail.

Dynamic Design Meets Function

We’ve meticulously designed our Moth Sphere Holder to capture the spirit of metamorphosis. It showcases a moth’s intricate wing patterns, meticulously etched into durable wood. With a 15mm hole, the holder fits most standard spheres, marrying form and function beautifully.

Celebrate Transformation

Moths, with their night-bound flights, inspire intuition and psychic insights. When you place your sphere atop this holder, you embrace these qualities. Moreover, you weave the moth’s lunar energy into your daily practice.

A Versatile and Striking Display

  • Showcase Your Spheres: Measuring around 79.5x64x4.5mm, our holder fits a diverse range of spheres. It stands as the perfect platform for crystal balls or gemstones.
  • Accent Your Decor: More than a simple stand, this holder acts as a striking decorative piece. It sparks conversations and brings a mystical touch to any room.
  • Focus Your Meditation: Let the moth lead your contemplative practices. Focus on change and personal growth, drawing inspiration from its transformative symbolism.

Crafted for Lasting Beauty

We commit to crafting pieces that endure. The Moth Sphere Holder not only withstands the test of time but also continues to inspire with its timeless message of change.

Product Specifications

  • Material: Eco-friendly and robust wood
  • Size: Approximately 79.5x64x4.5mm for versatile use
  • Hole Diameter: 15mm for a universal sphere fit

Transform Your Space

Choose our Moth Sphere Holder to bring the mystic cycle of change into your spiritual rituals. It’s an essential element for anyone seeking to blend elegance with personal evolution.