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Pendulum Magic


Pendulum Magic

Should you take that job? Will you find true love? Learn how to use pendulum power to make the right decisions and expand your psychic abilities through tarot cards, crystals, and astrology. Find out how to make your own pendulum and ask the energy of the universe for guidance-you will be delighted with the results.

“Conway tells you how to heal, dowse, and delve into astrology, all with pendulums. Pendulum divination has me hooked!”

 Devon Cathlin, Publisher, Rebel Planet Magazine

“A fascinating little book using this mysteriously ordinary tool that has been in our lives for hundreds

of years-pendulums.”

 Takira, High Priestess of the Whispering Willow

D. J. Conway has many books in print, including D. J. Conusy’s Complete

Guide to Wicca, Advanced Celtic Shamanis, A Litle Book of Candle Magic, and

A Little Book of Altar Magic. She lives in Oregon.