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Pendulum Magic in Motion


Explore the divinatory magic of motion and deepen your spiritual practice with this beautiful kit. Featuring a pendulum and double-sided board, the Pendulum Magic in Motion set helps you find the answer to any query and make decisions based on where the pendulum swings. Great for beginners, this kit guides your intuition and gives you the tools to harness powerful energies

Dive deeper into the mystical world of divination with the ‘Pendulum Magic in Motion’ kit. This beautifully crafted set is not only a gateway to understanding the subtle art of pendulum dowsing but also a stunning addition to any spiritual collection. The kit comes with a meticulously designed pendulum, poised to become your trusted guide in seeking answers and uncovering truths hidden beneath the surface. Its balanced weight and responsive motion ensure accuracy and sensitivity during divination sessions.

The double-sided board, a centerpiece of this kit, features intricate designs and clearly marked sections for yes, no, and maybe responses. This enhances the clarity of communication with your higher self or the spiritual realm. Each side of the board offers a unique layout, allowing you to choose the one that resonates best with your current query or mood.

Perfect for both beginners and experienced practitioners, this kit not only aids in decision-making but also serves as a tool for spiritual growth, meditation, and enhancing one’s intuitive abilities. It’s an invitation to explore the unseen, connect with spiritual guides, and tap into the subconscious mind.

Included in the kit are detailed instructions and tips for using the pendulum and interpreting its movements. Learn how to ask the right questions, how to interpret subtle swings, and how to cleanse and store your pendulum. Whether you’re seeking personal guidance, clarity on life decisions, or a deeper connection with spiritual energies, the ‘Pendulum Magic in Motion’ kit is an essential companion on your journey

Product Specifications

  • Includes Pendulum
  • Includes double-sided board