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Have you ever wished to add a touch of spiritual energy to your daily writing tasks? At Zen Collection, we present our intuitively chosen crystal pens, especially curated for our in-person events. Each pen is not just a writing instrument but a conduit of the Earth’s energy, channeling the unique vibrations of crystals straight to your fingertips.

While these crystal pens are a special highlight for those who join us face-to-face, if you’re unable to attend our in-person shows and are feeling adventurous, we’re excited to offer the option of sending you an intuitively chosen pen. Let the universe decide which crystal energy best suits your journey right now.

Product Specifications

  • Type: Crystal Pen
  • Purpose: For in-person shows, or as an intuitively chosen item for online customers.
  • Note: Each pen holds a genuine crystal, varying in type and color.

Benefits & Uses

  • Energized Writing: Allow the pen’s crystal energy to flow through your writing, helping you articulate your thoughts and manifest intentions.
  • Unique Experience: Each pen is an exclusive piece, ensuring that no two pens are entirely alike.
  • Boost Creativity: Let the crystal’s energy inspire your creative projects, journaling, or any form of written expression.
  • Connection: Feel a deeper connection with your tasks, making mundane activities feel spiritual and intentional.


  • As with all crystal products, handle the pens with care to preserve their natural beauty and energy.
  • Ensure the pen is kept in a safe place when not in use to prevent any potential damage.

Chakra Association

Varies based on the crystal in each pen.

Additional Info

If you’re interested in browsing a wider range of our pens, we recommend visiting our main collection online. For those seeking a specific crystal energy or intention, our online range may be more suited to your preferences.