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Prehnite Tumbles


Prehnite tumbles are connected to the Heart and Solar Plexus. These tumbles are a wonderful crystal for energy healers and practitioners  as they provide an abundant supply of unconditional love and healing powers. These crystals are attuned to the divine energy, and are a highly recommended to incorporate in your crystal grids as they bring peace and calmness into the environment. Prehnite Tumbles will encourage spiritual growth by enhancing visualization skills during meditation. Additionally, Prehnite stones are good for organization and decluttering items that no longer serve us!

Origin: India | Chakra: Heart | Size : 3/4″ -1″ approx. | Weight: 9-24 grams approx.

How to Use

  • Use this stone to attract your deepest desires
  • Place stones on chakras to remove energy blockages
  • Use this stone when working with the Root Chakra to lead you back to your roots
  • Place in meditation or yoga room to promote harmony within the space
  • Work with this stone to provide protection against negativity
  • Hold this stone to focus and center the mind

Main Healing Properties

  • Activates and heals the Root Chakra
  • very grounding
  • improves self control
  • Protects and Cleanses the aura
  • Actively protects against negativity
  • Reduces Stress , increases  inner balance
  • Helps with mental clarity and focus