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Problem Solving Candle


Problem Solving Candle

Illuminate Your Path – Stumped by life’s challenges? Our Problem-Solving Candle serves as a guiding light, empowering you to navigate through difficulties with fresh perspectives.

Quality You Can Trust

Expertly handcrafted in New England, USA, this candle boasts the finest paraffin wax and natural metal-free wicks, offering a clean, 25-30-hour burn. Keep the wick trimmed to a quarter-inch for optimal experience.

Aromatic Experience

Immerse yourself in an intricate blend of musk, carnation, and wisteria. These essential oils are not just pleasing to the senses; they’re designed to clear your mind, setting the stage for innovative solutions.

Reiki-Infused Energy

Imbued with Reiki energy, this candle harmonizes your inner energies, creating a space conducive to problem-solving and insightful thinking.

Recommended Pairing

For those embarking on new ventures—be it business or a new home—this Problem-Solving Candle harmonizes wonderfully with our Abundance Candle to magnify your intentions.

Crystal Pairings

Enhance this ritualistic experience by pairing the candle with clear quartz or amethyst, revered for their properties of clarity and intuition.

Did You Know?

Reiki energy not only adds spiritual value but also magnifies the essential oils’ effects, creating a well-rounded, holistic experience.

Ritual for Use

  • Light the candle, focusing on the challenge at hand.
  • Repeat the provided affirmation: “The knowledge of the universe flows freely through my mind. I am at peace knowing my thoughts are lucid and positive.”
  • Let the aroma and Reiki energy fill the room, aligning your energies for effective problem-solving.

Product Specifications

  • High-quality paraffin wax
  • Natural, metal-free wicks
  • Burn time of 25-30 hours
  • Handcrafted in New England, USA