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Raw Rose Quartz Necklace


This Raw Rose Quartz Necklace incorporates nature and beauty all in one. This necklace is a completely raw and  unpolished rose quartz crystal.  The stone maintains its natural shape and is a soft, gentle pink color that is simply stunning.

The necklace makes a perfect gift for anyone  who would benefit from a little TLC. Whether you’re looking for a anniversary, a graduation gift or a ” just because” this necklace will be extremely healing and comforting for the wearer. Of course this necklace will also make a great addition to your own jewelry collection, and can be worn on its own or coupled with other necklaces for a more unique look.

This Raw Rose Quartz Necklace is more than just another necklace. This gorgeous necklace represents  self worth, respect, love, trust and compassion. This Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant serves  as reminder to nurture your emotions, and make self-care practices a priority. Wearing this necklace on a regular basis will surely welcome balance to the heart chakra, while bringing joy and happiness to anyone who wears it.

More On Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz has a tender, feminine energy that awakens the Heart. This energy will allow you to feel the divine loving energy from the Universe. We highly recommend meditating with Rose Quartz as this will help release tension, anger and resentment from within the heart. Allowing you to rebuild and grow your personal relationships. These crystals are also wonderful to include in crystal grids for attracting love and healing.

Key Notes : All Natural | 17″ long Chain approx. | You may not receive the exact same crystal as pictured | 1′ -1 1/2″ pendant approx.

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Wear during Heart Chakra Meditations
  • Wear during stressful situations to increase love and understanding
  • Use to cleanse aura and unblock chakras
  • Hold or keep in pocket to heal emotional trauma
  • Keep in common areas to enhance positive vibrations

Main Healing Properties

  • Cleanses and Activates the Heart Chakra
  • Heals trauma and emotional imbalances
  • builds trust respect and compassion within relationship
  • encourages self love and self care practices