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Root Chakra Crystal Set


The Root Chakra is the first important step to ensuring a strong, sturdy foundation to build your life. Your Root Charka is the centre of your stability and security, so we have created the Root Chakra Crystal Set. The Root Chakra Crystal Set crystals will remove any blockages within your Root. This can release insecurities, low self-esteem issues and lower anxiety. A balanced Root Chakra is extremely important to your physical, mental and spiritual health and will allow you to feel grounded, safe and comfortable in your surroundings.

This Root Chakra Crystal Set includes

  • 1 Red Jasper Tumble: absorbs negative energy and balances your emotions. Provides protection, determination, strength and honesty. Gives the courage to solve problems
  • 1 Septarian Tumble: activates the life force energy and deepens the connection to Mother Earth. Promotes inner spiritual awakenings, supports emotional well-being, protects aura
  • 1  Hematite Tumble: very grounding, improves attention, refocuses the mind, blocks negativity, spiritually leads you on the right path
  • 1 Black Tourmaline Chunk :removes dense energy blockages from chakras, builds protective shield against psychic attacks, spells nightmares and electromagnetic pollution. Removes fear, stress and tension, while promoting strength, resilience and balance.
  • 1 Garnet Tumble :awakens the life force energy, builds strength, passion and confidence, encourages personal growth, used to manifest dreams and desires
  • 1 Black Obsidian Tumble: allows you to feel safe and secure in your surroundings. reveals the truth, builds shield against negativity, protective against psychic attacks
  • 1 Organza/Velvet Carrying Bag ( Colors Vary)
  • 1 Crystal Description Card

How to use you crystal set?

Root Chakra Crystal Set should be kept in your pocket to ensure you receive the grounding benefits through out the day. Another alternative, is to use during a Root Chakra Meditation. Place the crystals directly onto your root chakra to balance and activate the Root.

Main Healing Properties

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is very useful during meditations when you want to deepen your roots firmly into the ground. This crystal is nurturing and comforting for your Root Chakra and will encourage inner growth and security.


Septarian stones deepen your spiritual connection to the Earth and your higher self. Septarian is very grounding and can remove blockage within the Root Chakra, allowing you to move past emotional trauma. 


Hematite, working like a magnet, pulls and roots your body and mind back to Earth. Working with Hematite strengthens and balances your Root Chakra, making you feel at ease when you may feel out of place.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline will cleanse and purify your root chakra by removing negative energy attachments. This stone can help remove insecurity, resentment, aggression and anger. Replacing it with feelings of contentment and inner security


Garnet Tumbles awaken and expand your Root Chakra, bringing inner peace, balance and healing. These crystals will remove insecurities and doubt, allowing room for inner growth and maturity. Garnet crystals encourage you to feel safe and  comfortable with your true self and desires.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Crystals are incredibly protective and grounding for your Root Chakra. These black stones will remove all negative energy lingering in your Chakras and improve the creative energy flow within your Root.

Please Note : you will not receive the exact crystals shown.