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Satya Traditional Ayurveda Incense


Satya Traditional Ayurveda Incense

Satya Traditional Ayurveda Incense sticks are hand made in India by using a mixture of herbs, resins, flower and oils, which are then hand rolled onto bamboo sticks. These incense are sold by weight, containing 15 grams per box, which is  10-15 sticks. Traditional Ayurveda incense sticks have a gorgeous, aroma perfect for lighting right before a meditation session. Burning Traditional Ayurveda Incense sticks will cleanse, unblock, align and expand all Chakras. Incense Sticks will help remove any dense, negative energy from the body and the environment and replace it with purified energy.  Burning incense right before meditation or yoga can be beneficial to prepare the mind and body for deeper concentration.

◾Burn Time :45 mins approx.

◾ Approx. 1 gram each stick

Official Satya Description

The Traditional Ayurveda flora incense is the first step to experiencing India’s ancient healing wisdom.