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Sunstone Tumbles


Sunstone Tumbles

bring love, light and sweetness back into your life.

These Sunstone Tumbles are the perfect stone for those who want to bring back happiness into their day. In fact, Sunstone is linked to the bright rays of the sun, and will help bring back your love of life. Holding a Sunstone Tumble will help align your Sacral and Solar Plexus. Bringing balance to these wheels of energy will increase your passion for hobbies you once enjoyed and life itself. It will give you the time and space to nurture and restore your soul, and let your true self shine through.

Meditating with Sunstone on a regular basis will replenish your energy, allowing you to feel enlightened. This will also give you the opportunity to remove hooks from people that may be holding you back. Hooks may be attached to your Chakra’s or aura and may present itself at a mental or emotional level, which can drain your energy.

Product Specifications

  • Origin: India
  • Chakra: Root, Sacral
  • Size : 1″ x 1″approx

Main Healing Properties

  • Promote relaxation and reduces anxiety and tension
  • Helps reduce addiction to unhealthy habits
  • Helps attain spiritual enlightenment
  • Wards off negative energy
  • Improves mood by encouraging inner peace and harmony

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Keep in pocket to deflect negative energy
  • Keep around house for spiritual reminders
  • Hold or place near Crown Chakra to increase spiritual knowledge
  • Use to during meditation to reach higher states of consciousness
  • work with this stone to empower your higher self
  • keep stone on desk to reduce stress and anxiety levels