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Tigers Eye Bracelet


Tigers Eye is the stone of protection. Tigers Eye traditionally used as a talisman against curses. It is now most commonly used for spiritually grounding the soul and enhancing psychic abilities.  Use these Tigers Eye bracelet to balance thoughts within the mind, which allows for mental clarity and helps settle inner dilemmas.

Tigers Eye crystals are a traditional stone that have been utilized thought out history Typically, Tiger’s Eye stones are used for protection to ward off evil or negative energy. These Tigers Eye Bracelets are good to use against an evil eye that has been casted towards you.

Tiger’s Eye actives and empowers the Solar Plexus. Having an activated Solar Plexus can certainly increase your  confidence level, determination and will power. These crystals can assist with attracting new opportunities and particularly help focus the mind to achieve your goals. Additionally, these crystals are beneficial for those who experience ADHD symptoms as Tiger’s Eye brings balance to the mind and reduces scattered brain. For custom sizing , please indicate which bracelet size you would like in order notes at checkout.

KEY NOTES: Origin: India| Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root & Sacral | 8mm beads

Main Healing Properties

  • Cleanses and Activates the Solar Plexus
  • Strong psychic and spiritual protection
  • Extremely balancing for the mind, body and soul
  • Deflects negativity, provides emotional support

Handmade | Chakra : Solar Plexus | Bead Size : 8mm | Materials: Tigers Eye , Stretch Cord


* Please measure wrist before selecting size

*TIP* After measuring wrist add approximately  1/4″ – 1/2″ ( depending on your preference) for wiggle room.

* Please note that no two natural stones are the same. They are all one of a kind as they come from the Earth, so please allow some variations with color , shape, size ,or any natural blemishes.

Wear Care Tips

* Do not get wet. Removed before showering, swimming, exercising or cleaning.

*Avoid contact with any soaps & chemicals

*Roll jewelry on and off