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Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal



Worry and anxiety are a part of life, but they don’t have to control us. Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal helps us foster mindfulness, self-acceptance, and perspective so we can stress less and enjoy more. Prompts and coloring pages spark creativity and insight, while pages dedicated to working through specific worries help us find solutions to our problems and let go of what we can’t control. Open these pages and find peace.

Filled with quotes, prompts, and questions, along with coloring and doodling pages, Tiny Buddha’s Worry Journal provides several different activities to help you reframe your worries and minimize anxiety in your daily life.

LORI DESCHENE is the founder of the online community Tiny Buddha (, which enables participants to share their experiences and insights to help themselves and others. She’s also cofounder of the Recreate Your Life Story eCourse and author of Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal, Tiny Buddha’s 365 Tiny Love Challenges, Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself, and Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life’s Hard Questions.