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Turquoise Tumbles


Turquoise Tumbles work on balancing and empowering the Throat Chakra. This stimulating the Throat Chakra will improve communication abilities and self-expression. This stone is a must-have for shy people who find it difficult to express their opinions. Turquoise will ease social anxiety and should be kept in your pocket during public speaking to reduce fear and tension.

Additionally, Turquoise Tumbles work on inner wholeness. This means this stone intends to bring balance, understanding, acceptance, and inner peace to one’s soul. Turquoise pieces on reducing mood swings, negative energy, and self-sabotaging habits. Tip: Use these stones to protect yourself against negative energy and environmental pollutants.

Turquoise crystals are a stone of truth but are useful for spiritual attunement, intuition, and meditation.

Chakra: Throat, Crown, Third Eye

Size 1″ x 1″ approx.

Main Healing Properties

  • Promote relaxation and reduce anxiety and tension
  • Helps reduce communication fear
  • Helps attain spiritual enlightenment and attunement
  • Wards off negative energy
  • Improves mood by encouraging inner peace and harmony
  • Seeks truth in all situations

How To Use Your Crystal

  • Keep it in the bag to deflect negative energy
  • Keep around the house for spiritual reminders
  • Hold or place near Throat Chakra to increase communication skills
  • Use during meditation to reach higher states of consciousness
  • Work with this stone to empower your higher self
  • Keep stone on desk to reduce stress and anxiety levels