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Unakite Tumbles


Unakite Tumbles are great for those looking to better understand their hearts inner workings. This crystal gradually opens and gently activates the Heart Chakra,  releasing emotional resentment while creating emotional harmony. Unakite Tumbles encourage gratitude and respect for yourself and others, no matter the situation. These crystals are great for resolving sexual issues residing within the Sacral Chakra, which will improve intimacy within relationships. Additionally, these crystal tumbles will build a deep connection with nature, allowing you to feel grounded and connected to the Earth.

Chakra: Heart, Root, Sacral| Origin : India| Size 3/4″ approx.

How to Use

  • Use this stone to promote emotional balance
  • Place stones on chakras to remove energy blockages
  • Use this stone when working with the Sacral Chakra sexuality and intimacy
  • Place in meditation or yoga room to promote harmony within the space
  • Work with this stone to provide protection against negativity
  • Hold this stone to focus and center the mind

Main Healing Properties

  • Activates and heals the Sacral Chakra
  • increases happiness and hope
  • improves self confidence
  • Protects and Cleanses the aura
  • Actively protects against negativity
  • Reduces Stress , increases  inner balance
  • Helps with mental clarity and focus