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Unakite Worry Stones


Unakite Worry Stones: A Touchstone for Feminine Wellness

Harness the Power of Unakite for Female Health

Our Unakite Worry Stones are more than just stones; they’re a vibrant symbol of feminine health and fertility. These oval gems, comfortably resting in your hand, actively support women’s wellness with their unique blend of green and pink hues. Unakite, known for its nurturing properties, is particularly beneficial for reproductive health and hormonal balance.

Empower Your Well-being with Unakite

Lean on your Unakite Worry Stone whenever you need to foster balance or wellness. As you rub this stone, let its energy directly enhance your vitality and support your body’s natural rhythms, promoting a sense of harmony and fertility.

Discover Unakite’s Revitalizing Properties

Furthermore, Unakite’s energy directly contributes to:

  • Boosting fertility and supporting a healthy pregnancy journey.
  • Balancing emotions and providing a sense of calm throughout the process of childbirth and beyond.
  • Strengthening the body’s resilience and aiding postpartum recovery.


Your Feminine Essence with Unakite

Nurture and Flourish: Grasp your Unakite Worry Stone, and let its supportive energy actively nurture your feminine core.

Breathe in Balance, Release Tension: Inhale the Unakite’s harmonizing energy to encourage health, and exhale to let go of stress or imbalance, thus promoting your reproductive wellness.

Proclaim Your Wholeness: Assert, “Unakite grounds me in my feminine power; I am whole, healthy, and brimming with life’s potential.”

Daily Affirmation

“Clasping the Unakite Worry Stone, I align with its nurturing embrace, fostering a state of health and fertility that radiates through my being.”

Product Specifications

  • Shape: Each stone is shaped into an oval, representing the eternal cycle of health and the nurturing nature of femininity.
  • Size: Optimally sized at 1.75″ by 1.25″, these worry stones are designed to provide a comforting presence.
  • Appearance: A beautiful mosaic of green and pink, the colors of Unakite are known to inspire balance and healing.
  • Material: Premium-grade Unakite, celebrated for its benefits in women’s reproductive health and general well-being.
  • Chakra Connection: Resonates with the Heart Chakra, facilitating the flow of nurturing energy and emotional balance.
  • Astrological Sign: Often associated with Scorpio, a sign that values transformation and healing, Unakite supports transitions and renewal in life’s cycles.
  • Elemental Correspondence: Linked with the Earth element, highlighting the stone’s grounding and nurturing properties.