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Wooden Tripod Stand 6″


Handcarved Mango Wooden Tripod Stand 6″

Elevate your spiritual space with our Handcarved Mango Wooden Tripod Stand 6″ Skillfully designed to hold abalone shells or spheres, this versatile stand enriches any sacred space or interior design.

Uses and Spiritual Significance

Traditional Uses: Perfectly shaped to hold your abalone shell during energy cleansing rituals or to support your crystal spheres for enhanced energy flow.

Unique Alternatives: Get creative and use these wood tripod stands as a unique holder for succulent plants or as a base for a DIY aromatherapy diffuser.

Home Décor: Transform your living space by using these wood stands to elevate candles, small sculptures, or even as a chic base for holding keys

Product Specifications

  • Type: Tripod Stand
  • Material: Mango Wood
  • Sizes: 6″, 4″, 2″
  • Uses: Energy cleansing, Holding Spheres, Plant Holder, Home Décor, Photography Prop